• © Jason Schmidt

Sherrerd Hall,
Princeton University

Location: Princeton, NJ
Project Size: 50,000 SF
Project Completion: 2008
Sustainability: LEED Gold Equivalent

Sherrerd Hall reflects intellectual transparency and the light of knowledge—literally and metaphorically. Housing Princeton’s Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, as well as the Center for Computer Information Technology Politics, the glass building operates as an interdisciplinary hub between departments in engineering and social sciences. A simple plan, organized around a light-well with the main staircase, connects department and faculty offices, classrooms, lounges, study areas, and auditorium to maximize interaction and casual encounters while visually connecting to a campus walk and quad. A large bay demarcates the entrance and provides interior and roof terrace outlooks. FFP collaborated with artist Jim Isermann to design a three-story “chandelier” in the main stairwell, visible from a principle campus walk. In conjunction with the University’s sustainability guidelines, FFP included a green roof, energy-efficient curtain-wall system, low-VOC materials, and storm-water controls. Sympathetic to the campus’ strong architecture traditions, FFP designed a glass facade that echoes nearby Modernist buildings and visually dissolves into the fluctuating patterns and colors of nature.